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Joseph Crandall

As a Software Engineer II at Microsoft, I work on various projects that involve SQL Virtual Machines, Service Fabric performance, Homomorphic Encryption, and Application Specific Integrated Circuits. With over four years of experience in software engineering and data science, I have developed skills in Python, C++, Java, and other tools and frameworks that enable me to deliver high-quality solutions for Microsoft Azure.

In addition to my role at Microsoft, I am also pursuing a PhD in Electrical Engineering at The George Washington University, where I conduct research on electro-optic and photonic sensing, communications, and computing. My research interests include optical computing, quantum information, and nanotechnology. I also hold an MS in Electrical Engineering and a dual BS in Computer Science and Physics from the same university, as well as a private pilot certificate.

My goal is to advance the state-of-the-art in software engineering and electrical engineering, and to contribute to the development of innovative and impactful technologies that can benefit society and the environment. I am passionate about learning new things, solving complex problems, and collaborating with diverse and talented teams. 

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