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ECE 6005 Homework #0

Level (M.S, PhD, Undergraduate) and Department: Electrical Engineering Ph.D.

Current Advisor: Volker Sorger -> Ahmed Louri

Current Research Project Title: Fundamental Convolution Scaling with Photonic Computing

Courses taken in Computer Architecture/Organization/Parallel Computing: ECE 6005

Familiarity with Computer Architecture: Minimal

Programming experience: C, C++, Chapel, Java, Python, R

Industry Experience: Microsoft

a) What do you understand by computer architecture: A discipline that is focused on instruction set architectures, microarchitectures, and system design. b) How do you see the field evolving in the next five to ten years? Trends in the industry include quantum computing, neuromorphic architecture, in-memory computing, photonic computing, reconfigurable architecture, and application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

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